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Help with Mods

  • Hello all,

    I installed my first mods for GTA V today so please bear with me. I installed the realistic driving mod, a blood mod, and the revamped cop/wanted level one, all with no issues. I just tried to install the HH60G Pavehawk mod and have two questions. 1. I installed the mod, but now where the fuck do I find the Pavehawk? I looked at the base and the airport. 2. There was a handlng meta file with the Pavehawk mod, will that affect the handling file I had to use for the realistic driving mod? Thank you! :)

  • @Ozzy14 If you are talking about pavehawk canadian helicopter mod. Then , since it replaces the Annihilator helicopter. You need to use a trainer. I prefer simple trainer but enhanced native trainer is also . very good. Use the trainer and go to spawn vehicle by name, type Annihilator and press enter. I hope it helped. And yes if you replaced the handling.meta file and used the one from pavehawk folder. Your handling will be changed, for all vehicles

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