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[DLC Vehicle WEBSITE] *Single Player*

  • Hi, I have been messing around with the gunrunning update recently. Unfortunately, I noticed there are many things you cannot do if you are playing SP.
    For instance, because you cannot buy the "mobile operations center" from the in game website.
    I do not believe it will allow you access to the "MOC".

    Also, I do not believe there is ANY way to obtain a "Bunker" in single player.
    The gunrunning update features many "Bunkers" in which you can take refuge.

    Since Single Player has no website to buy these things, they are non accessible.

    In SHORT.
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE, to see somebody create a mod that bypasses this BS.
    Make a mod that allows us "SP junkies" to purchase DLC vehicles from online.

    To the one who does, I guarantee one of the most downloaded mods....

    Simply because people who are banned from online servers (Such as myself) are dying to get their hands on these new updates.

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