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[WIPS/Testers]AMC Pacer and ECTO1b

  • I need some testers i know their are bugs if spot some obivous ones and maybe some videos if some one dont mind.
    first car is a Gtaiv AMC Pacer by wja. Converted by me.
    alt text

    Second is GHB convert with working slimer slammer by me from Gtaiv by Sersorroza.
    alt text

  • AMC Pacer if some want wants to test it..
    alt text
    alt text
    Ecto1B Variant.


    Nice cars. Especially the ecto was still missing

  • Thanks @ReNNie ive been working onit for awhile. You do liveries care to make one for the pacer it needs an updated one.

  • Some suggestions:

    1. make the liveries switchable, right now it's using the wrong method of multiplying the livery by the body colour so it looks wrong on all colours other than white
    2. lift the rear so the wheel doesn't penetrate the mesh
    3. make the light emissive.
    4. maybe fit more HQ interior :)

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