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Gameconfig & addon Problem

  • Hey guys ...

    To these moment i have only those addons installed on my game (as viewed in the picture below) when i try to add more addons the game crash directly .

    i have tried dozens of gameconfig files and still the same problem

    alt text

    @krissboo any help bro ...

  • @alrefai Hey mate, you could always try one of the gameconfigs @Willief23 made. Also have a look at the pinned comment as you may have to change some lines to stop it crashing.

  • @alrefai Forgot to post the link lol - see pinned comment here https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-1-0944#comments_tab (for help on changing the gameconfig)

  • @krissboo Thank u bro .. i will try these files and i will tell u about the result soon

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