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Trouble Installing Weapons Over Gun Running MKII Weapon Slots

  • I installed weapon attachments from Jridah's AR-15 pack and HK416 pack over their respective slots in the gun running dlc weapons.rpf, but none of the attachments are appearing in game. I used 3 different scopes and a different grip. When I try spawning them in game, they are simply invisible, but the main weapon and its magazines appear just fine. Those items also appear in the list of attachments on the weapon wheel.

    Additionally, default gunrunning attachments do not work on the HK416 I installed into the carbine mk II slot.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

  • Sorry if this is considered bumping, but I tried out all the attachments on the mkII assault rifle, and they showed up just fine. Really don't understand what could be causing this issue.

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