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Help With Folder Permissions On Mods Folder

  • I have to reinstall my game due to some weird issues with the mods folder, but I need to delete the "mods" folder under the actual file in steam>steamapps>common>Grand Theft Auto V.
    It says I don't have permissions - how can I get permissions for it? I've tried a few things. I need to delete everything from it before I reinstall.
    Please help, any contribution is useful.


    @ethannn_ you've already tried editing the security permissions right? Typically that would fix it. If all else fails, I recommend using FileMenu Tools by LopeSoft. It has a few force delete options that has helped me many times (even for a virus I've had in an old PC many years ago).

  • @stillhere i attempted going to File Properties>Security>Edit Permissions>Changed to USERS> and then Apply/Ok. and still no avail... It wouldn't delete the contents...

  • @ethannn_ and you have opened your explorer as administrator? have you tried "deltree" with cmd? if that doesnt work boot from your windows disk, use cmd deltree "location" and its gone

  • @TobsiCred no.... better try that. Didn't know that was a thing lol. :laughing:

  • @TobsiCred How do I do that? Not under the usual admin bit. Do I need it on desktop?

  • @ethannn_ which windows system do you have? on windows 10 hit windows-button, type cmd, click with right mouse button "open as admin"
    edit: go to explorer open your mods folder, in adress line above, click right mousebutton "copy path" go back to cmd, type deltree and paste your location tree with ctrl+v, hit enter

  • @TobsiCred Ok thanks. Yeah on Windows 10. How can I put it on my desktop? I can't find how to like normal things. :/

  • @ethannn_ put what on your desktop? cmd.exe?

  • @TobsiCred No File Explorer so i can Run As Administrator. Also i'm confused about that^ I hit windows right click run, then cmd, on the black command prompt, then what do I do?

  • @ethannn_ wait i do a short video example, be back in a few minutes

  • @TobsiCred Wow ok thanks :)

  • @ethannn_ here we go again :laughing: for really detailed video tutorials hit my signature ;)

  • @TobsiCred Thanks :) Did you make that?

  • @TobsiCred When I type in the file location which is C:\Users\ethan\OneDrive\Documents\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V/mods
    It says ="cannot find file specified"........ Damnit!
    My steam is in documents. I copied the file path like in the video.

  • @TobsiCred Ah it worked for some reason, not the cmd thing, but just deleting the folder after that!

  • @ethannn_ said in Help With Folder Permissions On Mods Folder:

    @TobsiCred Thanks :) Did you make that?

    yes i have done the video by myself especially for you, thats why it is on my yt channel ;) i do video tutorials :construction_worker: i know what the problem causes, you didnt tell its in a ONEDRIVE folder. thats the reason. next time you just have to end the program in the taskbar, right click on little cloud icon. then you can delete everything in a onedrive folder. you hadnt permission to delete it because onedrive was syncing and then it blocks the files.

    but finally it worked for you :thumbsup:

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