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For those having stutter/FPS issues after allowing Windows Creator update...

  • I have noticed in the past, ppl complaining about this. It is why I avoided the update on my own PC. Lately, I have been spending time in other gaming forums, as I think I am just about done with GTA V, as I am now into newer games I have recently purchased.

    These are the following suggestions I have -

    1. The creators update resets some of the NVIDIA Control Panel settings, switching to run graphics off of the CPU instead of the GPU.To fix this, in your nVidia control panel, go to "Configure Surround, PhysX" and under PhysX settings change your processor back to your GPU and not your CPU! then click apply.

    2. Check that the DVR is disabled in the Xbox app.

    3. disable the service DiagTrack

    Hopes this helps!

  • @eshenk

    1. It was on autoselect, i selected my GPU.
    2. Disabled already
    3. no such service

    i recently installed win 10 and gta 5, and had some stutter.

    I did above, now GTA 5 runs, mini map shows, character phone open, but in red color, but the screen is all black. I can hear sound, but its all black, WTF.

    I restarted pc, no avail. I had been using https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/vngraphics-enhancer

    Never had a problem, until today after i changed physx to GPU.

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