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Fulton Recovery System

  • Hi Guys

    Fulton Recovery System: This equipment straps a recovery balloon to the target. R&D can increase it up to Rank 5, increasing capacity per mission. At higher ranks, items will drop from recovered soldiers.

    Can someone look into this?

  • You want the fulton recovery system that is in MGS V on GTA V?


    How will that work?

  • @Sakkie747 Fulton Is in my mods To do list, but if somebody do this before, would be cool! My idea is to use original MGS V TPP models and create a mod with lots of features. I already started the D-Walker (for now, is used one modelled by myself and progressing the development in my free time looking for sponsors):

  • @Rarefacer


  • @Rarefacer That's amazing are you going to bring in D-Dog and D-Horse as well? And the child soldiers? I would sponsor if you include them:) Maybe even Hideo Kojima lol ;D

  • @westcoastsosa Yeah, Metal Gear series are my favorite games ever (super fan of Hideo Kojima too), so, I have this project constantly in mind. i have access to all MGS V TPP stuff, and could be a very complete mod.

  • @Rarefacer I wish I could play games like that :( Not sure why but I always get scared when I play games with supernatural creatures. I used to be able to play fallout (I have about 200 hours in fallout 4) but now its hard because of the weird creatures and jump scares. Not sure why but its just happened all of a sudden.

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