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Graphics Loads ( Memory leak ) GTX 1080 8G - Please Help

  • I have my add on cars saved on Micheal's house about 10 of them, Some Cars has missing graphic (Low Quality, Parts missing ) . ANd When I suddenly Look back of me the buildings seems to spawn (the buildings which are in the game )

    its hard to explains I think you might get the Idea. please help me to Overcome this I have a Good Rig But this sucks.

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • @SkyBlack How much RAM do you have?

  • @SkyBlack you dont want that many addon cars saved in one spot. It will cause textures to disappear or flicker on and off. You will need a better gameconfig as well it will help with some of the texture missing problems.

  • @V4D3R 16GB Bro.
    @Willief23 Thats right some texture got flicker.. Thanks you so much for the input I'll add the game config and see :D

  • @SkyBlack I don't know about the gameconfig, but it's definitely memory related. It happens when you are low on memory. One method is reducing the virtual memory, I don't know 16GB is enough to run the game+everything else at the same time without VM, I have 32 GB, I removed it and my texture popping disappeared. It's worth a shot.
    I don't recommend removing the virtual memory entirely, if you see your programs getting dumped to VM, it means you need more RAM.
    Try using a SSD if you are not using one.
    Another method is reducing extended distance scaling - I don't recommend it.

  • @V4D3R ya I think i need a SSD

  • @SkyBlack What's your graphics card?
    Edit: NVM just read the title.

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