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Thanks For The Forum

  • Hey there,
    Love your website and really value your contribution to people all over the world, so thanks. Noticed though the forum gets over looked, just my opinion, I reckon the forum link or tab should be in with the other main tabs, I had been going on this site for a few months not even taking the time to even know there was a forum, my bad I know, however my question is how many other peps don't know about it, all I'm saying is it's a valuable source of information so thanks for making it available :)

  • Thanks for the kind words! I'll be adding a new item to the main navigation for some various links, including one to the forums.

  • @rappo Awesome thanks mate, your site is No1, love it this game and it is a never ending source of something to add or change, It changes for the better sometimes every hour at least, so many modders and developers, thanks to all those kind individuals that also contribute, everyone of you make this game worth so much more than we pay for it, so thanks again very happy

    Kind regards


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