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[Peds] In-depth Features/Details of my The Walking Dead Characters

  • Hi, this post is a re-post of something i posted on my patreon page a little while ago, but since then I have shutdown my patreon page due there being too much pressure to make mods each month, but anyways with that being said lets get into the post!

    Note: All my mods take ages to do because I 3D model all of my peds from scratch and make hand drawn textures also from scratch.

    In these examples im going to show you are going to be on the Glenn and Maggie mods note that the Glenn mod is still WIP and the Maggie mod is juts about ready for release!
    alt text
    My main focus for theses past month has been getting small details on the mods to a more higher quality, so I mainly focusing on the faces. I have been working on tons of techniques and brushes that i can use to achieve a higher quality in a shorter amount of time.

    Skin Detail
    alt text
    alt text

    As you can see on the images i have been working on things like more realistic skin detail which I have aimed at trying to get as realistic as possible without making my textures 8k. The way i have been experimenting making these normals is my doing baking were basically I will make the mesh over 1 million polygons and sculpt the detail rather than making a bump map and converting that to a normal map and this creates a really nice smooth effect on the skin and skin details. but to do this I have had to take time to learn about the GTA V ped shaders and how the subsurface scattering works (subsurface scattering AKA SSS is were it uses shading techniques to make the face look less plastic by making the model have the ability for light to slightly pass through it - here is a wikipedia link if you want to learn more!( https://goo.gl/jntp4P )
    One thing which i had to disable was a effect which GTA automatically applies which is were it kinda creates these little dots on the skin to kinda emulate skin pores without them being on the normals, they use this so the can add a little bit more quality to peds who have low res normal maps. You can see this effect if you zoom in really close to a peds face, for anyone who is interested in disabling this feature on their you basically have to cahnge the last number on the DetailSettings property to 0 i.e. the default is 0.1, 0.75, 40 you then change that to 0.1, 0.75, 0.

    Eyebrows and Facial Hair
    alt text
    alt text

    Another Feature I have been working on is getting more realistic looking facial hair and eyebrows on peds which has been made by a very simple method of simply copying the polygons of the face where the hair is located and slightly raising them off the surface of the mesh creating a more realistic effect of the hair being on the face and not drawn on the face. Also a little feature is that I added eyelashes to some peds were in real life they are visible just as a small detail :)

    Realistic Eyes
    alt text
    This is a very minor feature but i think that it just adds to them small details, as you can see on the image above I have change the way I make eyes by essentially adding lens over the eye which is semi transparent but I think this feature is nice but it was challenge to make in the RAGE engine because GTA V's shaders are quite outdated for modern day standards, but they do the job!

    Blood Overlays
    alt text
    This is a thing which every other ped has in the game but it is a pain to get working. The blood overlays are were basically if you shoot a ped the a bullet hole will appear were you shot them this will also work with with cuts on the characters face if you crash a car or something. The blood on peds are controlled by the second UV layer on the mesh and there are certain areas were you have to unwrap the arms, legs head and torso.

    alt text
    alt text
    I have been working hard to make ear more realistic non my 3d models by sculpting the shape based on the actor, but not just that but by texturing they to have more real life shade were basically it shows were more blood will flow on the face etc and that brings us onto our next section.

    Skin Diffuse Layer
    alt text
    The diffuse is the actual texture which shows colour and details. What I have been working on is the techniques of how to create realistic skin this is basically were I have coloured the skin in layers so I can show the different layers of the skin by showing what areas carry more blood etc.

    Thats just about it! Thanks for all the support and patients and keep look out for new mods!

    • Joseph AKA TheFriedturkey

  • @TheFriedturkey Oustanding! Just wondering, did you get to make the cloth wiggling when windy working? I mean alot of the peds i see released are incomplete, or superheros or some weaboo anime character. But finally having someone with the enough energy to care for meeting rockstar quality is pleasing to the eye! Really craving for the day someone with the quality and attention to detail character wise focus on producing a full character replacement for any of the 3 protagonists, be it self created or ported into V like Max Payne/T.I from SA.

    Anyway, enough chatter, Love what you are doing here, keep up

  • @Vans123 Yea I agree G, just got something rockstar standard made myself.. and seeing FriedTurkey made Rockstar Standard/Above Standard shit is good see cause then maybe this anime or superhero shit stop lol.

  • @Vans123 I do try to make my mods to rockstar quality, by using the correct specular maps, facial rigging etc. I do have the wind speed effects on the hair on the Maggie mod but I forgot the clothes but I do have that on the Rick Grimes mod clothes.
    Also I will be remaking Trevor at some point to look more like Steven Ogg because he plays Simon in The Walking Dead.


    Outstanding sir. Maggie would be fantastic to play with!

    Just now started on S07 and finally understand where the Lucille references come from :P

    O.M.G. was my sentiment when watching those first ep's

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