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Add-On Trouble

  • I have installed approximately 5-7 Addon mods with cars, planes, whatnot. Everytime I try to add another one on the game has an error and shuts down. I believe it says something about a memory issue(not ram) in the small window. Anyone have a problem with this before or have any solutions, like adding another folder for the .dlc files? Thanks

  • @thebenthermit I meant to say "dlc.rpf" files


    Did you try the latest gameconfig?

  • @thebenthermit a custom gameconfig.xml increases pool values to facilitate more vehicles and meta file lines. Various pool sizes are increased allowing more headroom for yft information.

    Do yourself a favor a compare a vanilla gameconfig.xml to a custom one to see which values are increased and why.

  • Man, you guys are awesome! I haven't tried it yet buy I'm sure it will work. I probably wouldn't have just stumbled across the gameconfig expansion file. Hope this helps others too. Thanks again

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