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question need answer


    hello guys

    ijust wanna ask about how to make bonnet strong not drop off by driving fast is it some kinda flag or value that control this action cuz i use it as different part of the car not actually bonnet when driving fast it drops any help

  • @Faysal said in question need answer:

    ass different part

    :laughing: there are some ways: if you dont use it as bonnet, rename it to for_example extra_1 or misc_a or you can remove the collision (or make its mass value stronger) from this part, if it doesnt move. if you can explain me ASS what you use it, i can give you better answers. so is it still a moving part like my window lifter or a sunroof?


    @TobsiCred lool hhh actually i use bonnet as sunroof and it open and close verry well with slide effect as real sunroof but when driving fast it drop off the vehicle so how to fix that

  • @Faysal on my bmw e21 i just removed the collision of the part, bulletholes still work because of the chassis collision, if it has glass parts, just leave the window_col

    edit: if you need a script that people can open/close your sunroof with just one key, which can be defined in an ini for your vehicle, i can do that for you and you can release it with your mod.

  • @Faysal hi brother, just remove flag E from bonnet dummy in the car . also in vehicles.meta there is a flag that causes doors and bonnet, extras to not fall until a vehicle explodes. Please check flags on a tank i think. That flag alone might do the trick. Sorry for not being able to re call that exact flag lines.

    I hope u can find it in rhino's vehicles meta

  • @Faysal i think its something like flag_extras_strong may be if i remember correctly.

    Do let us know if it helps.

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