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Los Santos Customs Wheels

  • This is the beautiful white wall tire that comes stock on the Rhapsody.

    And this is the butt ugly white wall that you can buy in Los Santos Customs.

    I would love to see a mod that replaces the ugly Los Santos Customs white wall with the beautiful one from the Rhapsody for both the muscle and lowrider category at the mod shop.

    Better yet, I would love to see a complete tire overhaul for Lost Santos Customs. Like when you buy a custom tire, you still get the rim but instead of the smaller, skinnier rubber tires, the mod uses the mod uses the fat wide-wall tires (like you would have on the car before you modded it; along with the option to add the beautiful white wall).

    That was more difficult to put into words than I thought lol. But I think I got the idea out.

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