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OpenIV add-on modloader tutorial

  • This is a complete tutorial on the modloader, to start we need 3 things:

    • Attention and reading

    • I recommend having a clean gta of mods, for now, I mean the folder mods not the scripts, or mods asi those do not have any problem

    • And the modloader of course! :joy: :joy:

    First you are going to download an oiv package that will automatically install the modloader in your game, for those who do not know how to install the oiv package follow these instructions below:

    • Download openiv through this link OpenIV (Skip this part if you already have OpenIV)

    • With OpenIV open, you will select the game Grand Theft Auto V

    • Now you select the directory of your game (skip this part if already selected)

    • Ready is OpenIV! Now in the top menu of the program go to Tools :arrow_right: Package Installer :arrow_right: And select the .oiv file :wave_tone2:

    • Install in the mods folder! :information_source: I highly recommend it! :information_source:

    So you'll have something like this:

    MODS folder with update.rpf and x64 folder only
    (update / update.rpf)

    If it is similar to this example, congratulations you can continue! :sunglasses:

    :red_circle: Tip: You can usually install additional cars in your game that do not cause game crash.

    :red_circle: Tip: the oiv package automatically adds the moadloader line to the dlclist.xml file located at:
    If you have not added any rows, put this row in dlclist.xml
    :arrow_forward: <Item>dlcpacks:\modloaderng</Item>:arrow_backward:

    Using OpenIV you will go there

    Opening the dlc.rpf file you will find these files:

    • common (folder)
    • x64 (folder)
    • appdata.xml
    • setup2.xml

    setup2.xml = Responsible for reading .rpf file (do not modify in any way)!

    appdata.xml = Responsible for reading the files inside .rpf (do not modify in any way)!

    common (Folder) content:

    • data(folder)/dlctext.xml (do not modify in any way)!
    • manifest(folder)/pup.rpf (This is the mod's parent file (do not modify it, any changes cause a problem in your game!)

    x64 (Folder) content:

    • /levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf
      Here and where you will put the files of mods cars, textures of vehicles, cars to replace is the example I say, it will not really replace, it will just overwrite the car!

    • textures.rpf
      Here and the place of textures you will put all textures of format .ytd or other supported by the game, files type vehshare.ytd you install in vehicles.rpf because this gets more organized, textures.rpf and only for general textures,
      loading screens still do not work in the textures.rpf file, in the next updates I will add them

    • movies.rpf
      Here in beta stage, are for .bik file (video file)

    Here and the same thing from vehicles.rpf the difference here is for the game peds

    • rply_componentpeds_p
      Are for the additional objects of the peds

    • rply_streamedpeds
      Are peds that contain expansive files, meaning that they depend on a folder are models with a folder included

    Placing mods:
    The modloader automatically identifies the file inside your rpf, plus it has to be with the original game names

    • vehicles.rpf/lamborghini.ydd wrong :x:

    • vehicles.rpf/zentorno.ydd right :white_check_mark:

    Basically and this works only with the files with the original names

    The end of the tutorial has arrived, when the modloader expands the tutorial will update itself too, thanks!:green_heart:

  • Moved to Tutorials and edited the title.

  • please, add pictures or video , thanks

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