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Game crashs with vanilla gameconfig.xml

  • Hello,

    sorry for my bad english, i try to tell you my problem :face_palm_tone3:

    I have installed this three mods:

    • Emergency uniforms pack Law & Order
    • Emergency uniforms pack Serve & Rescue
    • EUP Menu

    all have correctly installed but the game still not works!

    I try to start the game via. RAGEPluginHook and vanilla gameconfig.xml - The Game try to load the singelplayer but the game crashs with this error:
    Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.

    I try to download "gameconfig.xml" fixes but this not work! The Game crashs with this error:
    GTA V corrupt game date please reboot or reinstall the game

    have you a fix for my problem please?

  • @neonpipe23 Ah, you may need to re-install if it says that...

  • @ethannn_ need to re-install the game (gta5) or need to re-install the mod?

  • @neonpipe23 Reinstall the whole game..

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