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[SCRIPT] When ragdoll you become invincible until you are able to walk again

  • I've been searching for a script that would automatically toggle on invincibility whenever you would go into ragdoll and stay invincible until your character would stand back up. I want it for my "parkour" basically all i do is have ragdoll tricks mod on and I do rolls just playing around but I like realistic health and ballistics which causes me to be killed within 2-3 rolls or even a small drop while rolling. If anybody could help I would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Ezioblade12
    Give this a try: https://pastebin.com/FXYrUwqp
    Copy and paste the text into a new text file, and rename it to InvincibleRagdoll.cs. Well, you can name it whatever you want but make sure the extension is .cs.

  • It worked perfectly, I can't thank you enough. You have any way to accept donations. I don't have much but I really appreciate the time you've taken to fulfill my request.

  • @Ezioblade12 Oh, consider it a donation from me to you, as it was only a few minutes of my time :slight_smile:

  • Hey, This looks absolutely amazing. but how do I use it? where do I put it, and how do I toggle it?

    Thanks a ton.

  • @s0meone

    • Install Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.
    • Copy and paste the text into a text file named InvincibleRagdoll.cs.
    • Copy the file to the scripts folder in your GTA V directory. Create the folder if you don't have it already.

    There is no toggle, just ragdoll and you'll be invincible automatically.

  • Sweet as!! Thanks a ton!

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