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[MISC] Darker nights via tweaking xmls.

  • Hi everyone!

    I request this meta\xml tweak because there's no such tweaks around. Except VisaulV, ofc. But, you know, I tried it and it obviously has some drawbacks, clouds are one of the most noticeable. But anyway, I'm here not for criticism, but for request.

    Honestly I tried to do this on my own, using VisualV methods, but it's too complicated for me, and my crappy-made thing died without being alive. I'm not a modder at all. But there's no such separate mods as I said. Also I really don't understand why nobody hasn't created this.

    I'm not interested in reshade, sweetfx or enb things. Darker nights can be reached by tweaking numbers (it's more natural way to do so), and I can't do it. So, please, if someone interested in this is here, I'm begging you! If you want to do this, I recommend to start with inspecting VisualV. I have some knowledge, so you can contact me if you're new in tweaking timecycle and weather xmls.

    Sorry for my not good English if it bothers you. Have a nice day!

  • @Frazzlee said in [MISC] Darker nights via tweaking xmls.:

    Think you can achieve that in ENB

    Please read carefully. As I said, I'm not interested in ENB, or reshade, or sweetfx and such other things. There's many reasons, the first one is performance.

    Bump. I think a lot of people interested in such tweak, but does somebody want to do this?

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