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  • When I start the game I get this message...
    CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'gtamp-unlock-objects.asi' (0x0000FF9AA961100), id 30
    Press OK to continue.
    I do not upload the maps I download

  • For future reference, please state a more detail subject instead of "help guys" which is vague :)

    @kevinprado26 Hello, are you experiencing an issue with Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1?

    • If yes, based on the mod page comments, the mod seems to be outdated. However, it is said that some persons have had better luck with version 1.0 which is in the same download archive as version 1.1.
    • If yes, @Shaezbreizh is the best person to talk to about this issue.

    If this doesn't help, please state as much detail as possible about the issue you're experiencing, which mod you're referring to and game version you've installed.

  • @kevinprado26 if you've menyoo you don't need object spawn unlocker since maf merged it into menyoo ( so you can delet objectspawnunlocker it should resolve the error).
    If you don't have it, then well it's a good trainer so better to remplace object spawn unlocker by menyoo cause more option and still updated (while the object spawn unlocker team stoped since a long time to update and latest update is buggy ( 1.1)

  • @Richie01 @Shaezbreizh Thanks for answering...
    The truth is that I have 2 months with this error and I use version 1.0, I always get that message and I think ScriptHook V blocks it when starting the game. And when I try to load maps with Map Editor, I do not load the complete objects :(

  • @kevinprado26 just remove object spawn unlocker and get menyoo if you don't already use it ( even if you use only map editor for mapping, menyoo will office of objectspawnunlocker )
    about object loading or not it depend of a lot of thing and I need more detail for helping you.
    what map are you trying to laod ?

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