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How to "combine" dlc.rpf ?

  • It is said that custom gameconfig.xml don't allow unlimited DLC's, and so, If you want an unlimited amount of addon vehicles you need to combine the Dlc.rpg together and basically merge the addon vehicles into one big DLC

    But how do you do that ? I can't find a simple answer that clearly indicates the steps on how you can do that


  • @Agln You can't combine multiple dlc.rpfs into one DLC folder.
    You'll need to rip off the content of each dlc.rpf and merge them into one major DLC folder - which is, well - a pain in the ass.

    To do so, I'd recommend Albo1125's Modding DLC Pack V as a base - instructions included.


    @prince_linus We can combine multiple DLC.rpf files into one DLC folder. You've probably misunderstood his words, as you're saying that we can't have multiple when he said that he wants to combine multiple dlc.rpf into a single one. A pack.

  • @prince_linus yeah this is kinda what i want to do, a major DLC folder that contains the content of a bunch of add-on vehicles

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