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How do I download FiveM without affecting my Modified GTA 5 in Steamapps any Idea?

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    The point is I want to download FiveM and run it seperately from my Modfied GTA 5, I don't want those mods to overwrite my downloaded mods in the official gta 5 directory is there any way to prevent it from overwriting my mods and screwing up gta 5 directory?

  • fivem doesnt even replace any game data

    at least for me

  • Just create a brand new folder dedicated to FiveM/FiveReborn on your desktop, then stick FiveM or FiveReborn related files into the folder.

    Wanna run maps? Use the usermaps folder, which you also need to create and fill with some maps. We have a few maps here that are FiveReborn/FiveM optimized that you can use, keep in mind, these maps will forever be deserted. No traffic, no people, nothing. Just you.

    Installing car mods is different too, but I cannot remember where they go. I hoped I helped anyway, though.

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