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  • I will say this the world and the united states and the rest of the world can come up with some crazy looking awesome military vehicles lol with that said I think these be awesome to see in the game god I wish I had the money to get these models out lol.

    0_1500117736226_jmgq1wnbqeupvjkoup2m.jpg Vehicle: BC Customs Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle
    Years In Service: 2011: In Development
    Complex Says: Made from lightweight aircraft tubing, this high-speed buggy comes equipped with state-of-the-art communications equipment and a massive roof-mounted Gatling gun designed to obliterate enemies from hundreds of feet away. Its easily configured frame can be adjusted based on mission and terrain specifications.

    0_1500117766792_nzl9kl9jmmtqzlyptpzp.jpg Vehicle: Volkswagen Toureg
    Years In Service: 2008: In testing by the German military
    Complex Says: The G-Wagon may soon have some competition from the VW Toureg, military version. It features state-of-the-art telecommunications systems and a massive, roof-mounted machine gun.

    0_1500117807416_oc5fwjqtvcnmfmffgrch.jpg Vehicle FLYPmode
    Years In Service 2011 Concept vehicle
    Complex Says The FLYPmode was designed for easy deployment in a variety of combat and peacekeeping missions. It is still in the concept stage of development but should one day see some serious action in combat zones

    0_1500117839064_phvdtbtkmaktxibhylpo.jpg Vehicle: Chenoweth Desert Patrol Buggy
    Years In Service: 2010: Made for Middle East conflicts
    Complex Says: This ultra-fast dune buggy is made for speed and lethality. Its roof-mounted machine gun provides superior protection against enemy forces, along with some serious intimidation.

    0_1500117865253_ta3iwn8kl3vxbmc2kkd5.jpg Vehicle: General Dynamics Tactical Vehicle
    Years In Service: 2009: Awaiting deployment
    Complex Says: You do not want to be on the other end of this bad boy. It's ultra-fortified with heavy-duty armor, and it packs a ton of weaponry, including a .50 caliber M2 machine gun.

    0_1500117898464_tmw6jw2k1kbikzczxgh5.jpg Vehicle Plasan Sand Cat
    Years In Service 2006 In testing
    Complex Says The Sand Cat is a composite armored vehicle designed by Plasan, an Israeli company. It is built off of a Ford F-series chassis and can carry up to six fully suited troops at a time. It is currently being tested by the U.S. military at Maryland's Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

    0_1500117922110_v5e6tglskwxjpfusezmd.jpg Vehicle: Ricardo Fed Alpha
    Years In Service: 2008-present
    Complex Says: The Fed Alpha might be the Hummer of the future. It was designed as part of the U.S. Army's 2008 Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator program. It has a fuel-sipping turbo diesel in-line four engine, and an ultra-light blast shield designed by aluminum giant, Alcoa. The military is currently testing the vehicle in mock convoy and urban assault situations.

    0_1500117949910_wxxgvqemb98sarataj9s.jpg Vehicle: Georgia Tech Institute Ultra Armored Patrol
    Years In Service: 2011: Concept under contract of the Office of Naval Research
    Complex Says: This monster truck was designed in the hopes of one day replacing the aging Humvee fleet. It can sustain attacks from rocket-propelled grenades, small arms fire, and most improvised explosives. Coming to a desert near you!

    well let me know what you think lol.

  • wow lol I am surprised that no one said anything yet lol I hope all is well with everyone

  • @TR71777 No enought models cause almost all are private prototypes. Exists some free models but without interiors and not well detailed and others good but too expensive, so no worth the convertion without budget. Also, models created from scratch can be too expensive. Volkswagen Toureg can be doable editing the actual GTA V vehicle mod.

  • @TR71777 as stated above models are a problem. but i could make half of them they are simple and easy to make. but then again i don't have time for them and i can only take up mod requests that offer me atleast 20 to 35$ donations.

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