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Problem with weapon mod animations

  • I have this really odd issue concerning weapon mod animations, where they'll be working fine to begin with, but sporadically, seemingly randomly stop working. They might also not work upon launching the game, but shortly after (randomly) be working again. I cannot for the life of me pinpoint the cause of this, hence the topic and my request for help.


    • All programs up to date
    • GTA V non-steam (legit copy)
    • LSPDFR mod
    • Ragehook
    • Scripthook
    • GTA IV style exit
    • GTA IV style (vehicle) handling
    • Visual police vehicle mods
    • Better chases (AI)
    • Emergency Uniform Pack
    • Corona mod
    • Gun sound overhaul (Sounds only, no dmg OR other modifiers!)
    • Holster mod
    • Pistol, combatpistol and Carbinerifle mod

    Have NOT touched weaponmeta files. The issue persists regardless of who created the weapon mod, and all modded weapon's animations stop working across the board - until they randomly kick back in and start working again. GTA V native weapon animations work fine.

    Have tried to provoke/solve the issue by different means, e.g. standing close/far from modded cars, enabling/disabling lights & siren on police cars - you name it. None of the above led to anything conclusive.

    I'm completely clueless as to how to go about solving this and would appreciate any kind of advice, until then I'll choose to stick it out with original weapons.

  • @five-oh I have got the same problem man, i've deleted each mod folder and archive one by one untill i've figured out that the problem was in custom dls add-ons ,i've changed dlc.xml to original file and animation came back to normal for modded weapons, But i dont think that a right solution. Have you figured out for another one?

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