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Redux - car add on issues

  • Installed a fresh gta 5 and successfully got the latest redux working. Now I tried to add different car add on and tried different gameconfig which none seem to work. I get the infinite loading story mode with every config and crashes with my current gameconfig. any suggestion?

  • @yin get rid of Redux its trash and just stolen mods from here. You will continue to have mod compatibility problems if you use Redux. Redux does not work well with other mods, scripts, addon cars etc. so dont use it.

  • When someone asks for help, the best practice would be to advise them accordingly or don't help, but not tell them to get rid of or classify the mod they're using as trash regardless of our feelings or beliefs about their choice; it's their choice to use it. It's just common principle.

    @yin I think the best channel to get help on Redux would be to ask on their Redux Steam Forum or Redux Discord, someone by the name of Screaming Nipples is managing Redux updates, the forums, and answers questions quickly.

    • Does GTA V work with Redux without other mods installed?
    • Does GTA V work with Redux without ReShade/ENB installed?
    • More often than not, only Redux Original preset will work while other mods are installed.
    • For the record, the most functional gameconfig out there.
    • Menyoo will crash GTA V with Redux when using most or all of the other ReShade presets.
    • While this video is old and Redux has been updated since; have you tried the solutions in it?

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