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[Script] Tactical Squad?

  • Hi there,

    It is possible to make a Tactical Squad with followings features?

    • Spawn "Vanilla Peds" and "Addon Peds";
    • Change Ped weapon/health/look/relationship;
    • Give remote Orders through a menu;
    • Give global/single Orders through a menu;
    • Switch the control quickly among the Squad members (to get more tactic in fight);
    • Give to the peds a Role (e.g. "driver");
    • Leave that Squad members fill a seat as passengers if a driver Ped is active.

    My english is not good, but I hope you will understand it.

  • i belive the bodyguard mod does most of the things you ask.

  • I know that, but it would be nice if there had more tacticity.
    I also know there are some restriction about ped AI but it's also true that there have been people to be able to make incredible scripts since the time of GTA IV (e.g. Julio NIB).
    Anyway I'd like to hear others opinions.

  • @fra700 Does this do what you are looking for? https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bodyguard-squads

  • @Yelrix I already tested this mod a few years ago.
    My opinion is: this mod has got a big potential but some things don't work good (like helicopter command "park nearby" ), or simply they have got a weak or missing mechanics like:

    • A Mod-Menu that invades the interaction of player with the scenario.
    • Inability to spawn any Peds and customize them with every outfit/weapons/veichles.
    • Inability to spawn any Addon Peds (for the latter I realize that mod didn't update since 2015).
    • Missing save/load command.
    • Limited use of weapons and veichles.
    • Recruit any Ped and add it in one squad.
    • Other functions for Single member like patrolling or animations.

    For the rest it's a great Mod, which unfortunately Eddlm has not updated more. :worried:

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