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Just Wondering - Do [Real,HQ]Car mods affect GTA5's FPS/Performance?

  • I've been wondering for a while now if GTA5 Real Car Mods, for example a HQ/Med Quality Mercedes-Benz replacement/add-on will affect GTA5's FPS/performance, and is it significant?

    I've recently been switching between vanilla mods and Real Car mods for two reasons:

    1. My fps drops when I use real car mods (i think)
    2. I recently have been liking GTA5 Vanilla Mods, for example the Dinka Flash :)

  • @ethannn_ The higher the poly count, the more FPS drops you get. If you want to replace cars, you shouldn't get over like 3-4mb with the xxx_hi.yft. Best would be one with LODs.

  • @Kwebbl What about add-ons?


    Also take notice of use of LODs. They effectively reduce polys at distance which immensely helps with performance. High cars with high poly counts should impact performance too much until you come near, which is when there are only a handful of vehicles on-screen at a time anyway. Bad LODs kill performance.

  • @ikt Ah ok. Thanks. Would you say most cars have good LODs so they don't harm performance or not?

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