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Change vehicle Slot?

  • Hello,

    I just want do know if it is possible to change a slot of a mod-car. That means when I download a car and the slot is "Sherrif2" but I change it to "Police`" does it still work?


  • @Medic112911 Yes. Sure you can. You would have to rename the model and texture files of the car itself (ytd/yft) and also the references to it in carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta. Also change the driver name in vehicles.meta or else you'll see a sherrif driving around in a police car.

    Basically you could even rename it to police7 as long as you change the name in the places I mentioned above.
    And if you want to get chased by it, add an instance called 'police7' in dispatch.meta. And if you want to see it patrolling the streets also add an instance in an decrypted popgroups.ymt

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