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[MISC/MAP] Paths for Nascar speedway

  • hello guys , ım use street races for races but street races dont working add-on maps. ı want make path nascar speedway ,
    Who can do it? and tell me price :)

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  • Edited title for clarity.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @deann Using Codewalker 3D map (which you can download here, easiest way of finding it is going to the main site and typing it in the search box.

    Codewalker had an update where you can create traffic points. I'm not too sure how to use it since I never actually tried it, mainly due to technical problems (fucking Windows...!)

    But I'm almost certain you can make the custom paths fit your needs.

    Another alternative is Menyoo, using the object spooner. In the object spooner you can spawn props as well as edit their properties and tell 'em to do shit. They have to be human though. If you want to race them, you may have to set up waypoints (which I recall was an existing feature in Menyoo), as well as setting their speed, but you have to assign a human to a car first. Just explore the options and you'll soon understand it all.

  • thanks for reply man ! ım used codewalker but ım dont understand it , script is little hard :) now ım will look menyo, ı hope understand it

  • ++++ ı cant it , pls help me. ı can money for work

  • ++++++++

  • Any here helper ??

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