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Can't find a military mod, could use some help

  • Hi guys! I was trying to find a military mod that I had a while back, I loved it because it was simple and fitted all my needs, I don't like to mod the GTA 5 military into some Call of Duty ripped models.
    So since I have GTA 5 updates to do, that I skipped after taking a break from the game, I decided to find the mod again that I wanted.

    It was called some US Army/Marines overhaul or retexture project, I am not sure exactly what, but what I do know is, it had the basic GTA 5 military camo redone in a higher resolution, US army body vests were replaced with Merryweather camelbak body vests, and one face of the soldiers was replaced with a SWAT face, everything else seemed to be stock and in the way I liked it. Oh and the mod also had custom patches on shoulders for the military if that helps.

    It was a quite popular mod a few months ago, but I can't find it anymore, not sure if it is removed or not, sad if it is.

  • It was close but sadly not, all military units had the same basic acu camo they have in stock, the cover image was a marine in camo as well if I remember correctly, no swat faces included in this mod I think.
    That mod also didn't have any vehicles retextured.

    I know my request might seem very hard to fulfill with so many mods out there, I'll see if I can start my game in offline mode to do some screenshots of the soldiers some day.

    @Dekurwinator Thanks for trying though!

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