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[HELP] Glitch with mods

  • So, i recently started a new GTA V Campaign mode. I have around 5 mods installed. But when i go inside most safehouses, they lack a crap ton of furniture, and the cutscenes with guns are missing their magazines. Tried clean install. I also noticed i can't restart scripthookv and the only scripthook mods that work is ENT.

    Vanilla Car Pack Add-On (OIV)
    GTA IV cars to GTA V add-on (OIV)
    Enhanced Native Trainer (ScriptHookV)
    mpgunrunning in SP 7.0 (ASI)
    Manual Trandmission mod (ASI)
    that's all i can think of right off the top of my head.

  • NOTE: I also get heavily reduced frames.

  • @Juan-Deag sounds like you got too many add-ons? Try installing one of those multi-add-on gameconfig mods found on this site, since they allow the game to handle multiple add-on vehicles without running into memory-related issues, which perhaps is what you are experiencing. Maybe that will fix your problem?

  • @Juan-Deag since you only use 5 mods, i recommend you to test mod one by one. In this way you can find wich one cause this issue.
    Also as said chang, it's better ( or even necessary ) to get a custom gameconfig to handle addon

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