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Add-On Peds spawn in foot traffic

  • Not nearly as appealing as vehicles yeah i know but if there was a way to get them to spawn naturally into specific areas even certain scenarios or be part of different gangs/factions/ems it would certainly aid in ambient variety.

  • Take a look at World of Variety by Cass.

    Ped population is also controlled by popgroups.ymt

  • @ReNNie Love that mod i got it installed right now. So you're saying through that file i could add additional variations of,for example, Vagos without replacing the ones currently roaming?

  • Think so. Haven't messed with getting add-on peds to show up like that.
    It does work like that in the vehicles.meta file. You can see in the <driver> section ped names. So this way you could get eg FarCry3 Vaas to drive a specific truck :P

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