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tips for surviving bounties

  • so I just survived my 5th bounty earlier today and when I told my friends they said that they hadn't ever survived any of theirs so I thought I might as well make a thread for people who are struggling to survive a bounty when they get one.

    so there is the obvious method of just hanging out in your property until it says you survived your bounty which is something ive seen a lot of. my personal favourite way is to drive out to an airfield such as the LS airport, grand senora Airstrip, fort zancudo etc and getting in either a plane or a helicopter and flying around for a while which also increases your flying stat. you could also just sit in an alley and just kill the people who come for you which is one of the more risky methods depending on your level and your hunters level.

    you could just try to outrun people in your vehicle, I suggest I motorcycle for this. I use a double T but whatever your preference is, the only motorcycle I advise against using is the western bagger as it is the slowest and least maneuverable at high speeds.

    the coolest way I survived so far is flying buzzard for a while then jumping out a parachuting onto a train which I rode until the bounty was off me. btw my latest bounty I survived was $9000

    hope this helps any of you guys and feel free to add any more methods or stories if you like.

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