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A few suggestions for gta5-mods.com... :)

  • Website suggestions:

    1. Please, add an option on users' profiles peoples to CAN view ALL comments posted by the specific user on mods' pages, as the comments to be showed as a list separated as a pages 1, 2, 3, and so on.
    2. Please on both website and forums, add an option to view user's forum's / website's last's activity date, along with ability to view his posts on forums here (which actually already exists) and comments user has posted on comments section on mods pages with I suggested above.
    3. Please, make comments section on every mod's page do show posted comments as a separate NUMBERED pages containing 10, 20 or 50 comments each (like the forum here), and NOT as a one SINGLE page showing all comments via uncovering the button to shows older comments! This requires user to click the button constantly for mods with 400 or 500+ comments, which also makes comment page INSANE long and VERY HEAVY as well for mods with large amount of comments, like ScriptHookV and Menyoo PC trainer!
    4. Please, add an option when someone click to view a comment posted by any user for a particular mod, website to jump and highlight that particular comment on ITS exact location (it might jump to exact comments' page if the particular comment is older).
    5. Please, at the home page with recent new and most downloaded mods for the last week, add also a section showing recent UPDATED mods.
    6. Please, add a stamps with bolded text to every user's name on both user's forum posts and his profile that indicates whether any user on site or at forums have been active related to his last activity! For example, if the user / modder's last activity was: 1 minute up to 3 days ago: dark green stamp "Very Active"; 3 days up to 1 week ago: medium green "Active"; 1 week - 4 weeks ago - dark yellow "Slightly Active"; 4 weeks up to 3 (full) months - light medium orange "Slightly Inactive"; 3 months up to 1 Year - dark-orange "Pretty Inactive"; inactive for more than 1 year: Medium Red "Dead" status stamp. In that way peoples who goes here to download mods will get via orange or red stamps this the author for a particular mod is vanished so asking him for help will be useless...
    7. Please add a feature that checks periodically whether the mods published here have a WORKING download! What I mean? Site to have a automatic check periodically for ALL modifications with both downloads hosted here or an external sites like Mediafire. My idea is:
      If gta5-mods.com detects any modifications that have only external download and it does NOT work, a.k.a. the feature detects the external download link is dead and is NO LONGER active, and its author was last active maximum a 6 months ago, then website to send e-mail to author to fix it, also the autocheck do report at admins / moderators all mods if the check detects a non-working download which is NOT external and is hosted here instead;
      However, if gta5-mods.com detects any modifications that have only a expired / dead external download, and if its author was active a more than 6 months ago, or have a red "Dead" stamp status (a.k.a. mod's author is vanished from here completely for like 9-10+ months), then the mod to be automatically deleted from the site.

    Forum suggestions:

    1. Please, add an options for a text size and a text color.
    2. Please, add an option do CAN insert emoticons / smiles in thread's title as well.
    3. Please, make forum do shows a short list with most often used emoticons, and to add a button to expand if the user want access to the full set of emoticons.

    Please, what can you say for those suggestions? :boy:

  • I agree with all this. But all of this is useless. Don't waste your time, they will not do anything. This site is going to die slowly. Why? Look at all those bugs and all suggestions that ever made and never started. A lot of approved bullshit like 3D Model uploads, fakes, stolen stuff or Paintjobs that landing on the vehicles categorie.

    R.I.P GTA5modsDotcom

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman lol thats deep.

  • I agree with MrGTAmodsgerman that about 1/4 to 1/2 of each days uploads are crap and shouldnt be approved to begin with. Especially all these crappy menyoo car mods or the low graphic settings mods. Anyone can do those.

  • @Willief23 Nah thats not what i mean. There is a small group of people that use those tiny menyoo cars and such. I become a modder cuz i missed things, noone was doing what i just wanted. And those should keep it for the tiny group of people. But what i was really talking about is that, what gets approved over the last months! A lot of stolen stuff, faked stuff, or something like 3D Models, so not playable in game. Those 3D models uploads can kill this site completely if some copyright claimer come here.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Well, if any copyright claimer came here, nearly 90% of all vehicle mods will be gone since nearly all of the vehicle mods here are ported from some other game (Forza, AC, PCars)

  • @AHK1221 Nah we talking about real actions. Noone would come. But people that create a 3D Model are clearly in the right and would be more interested in take actions then a big company. Those mods are in fair use, it would take a long progress, but a 3D Model upload, no that clear for any judgement

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman It really depends on the liecense the model was having, and if it allows reuploads or not, so no one can really judge on that matter. But I do agree with you, if the liecencing stated that reuploading was not allowed, it could mean trouble.

  • @AHK1221 The model i was talking about was from Turbosquid, and it was for money. I think that would ruin Turbosquid the money if reupload is allowed or not

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Turbosquid? Holy shit, and that was allowed? Turbosquid models clearly state that reuploading is not allowed.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Agreeing with Mr here. It even said in the title that it was a straight up model and the moderators should of not allowed it in the first place, bravo for removing it but it could of easily been avoided.

    Also all the super bad mods being uploaded now a days really puts me of the mood of converting stuff anymore. 5mods is dieing, slowly though

    Also, can someone hurry up and approve mods as I've been waiting for like 15 hours for mine lmao

    Edit: as I said that my mod was approved haha. Gg

  • @TGIJ @AHK1221 @Willief23 @65536

    Here, a clear proof of what is GTA 5 mods about today


    I think it'd be better for the overall quality of the website to reject mods like these:


    At the very least the car should look like it's not from GTA 2. Also, just having the text "لعيون اي كيلى" on opaque backgrounds right there without clear reason is just strange. I suppose it's his Arabic nickname/handle since the translated thing kinda sounds like his username, but still, you would not want to see car mods with their author names plastered all over either.

    Please reject sub-par mods.


    @MrGTAmodsgerman Strange, I haven't had any of those application errors since I joined (and that was over 2 years ago). Also, the mod with the random name was a test upload of an admin. And we haven't approved any of these fake mods since I'm moderator at least. I don't know who approved them. Probably someone who was already tired.

    @ikt Yeah, I started to reject more and more of those. You should see the mods we reject. It's crazy. I/we will be trying to sort out mods like this more often.

  • @Unknown-Modder I never saw thos application errors the last 2 years. But me and other people posted this more often and often these months.
    Some of the pics are made by me and some don't. And there are alot of more i could show. And why are so many paintjobs approved in this week under the vehicles categorie? Is there really an real person that approve this?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Sometimes we miss it, or just forget. Report any you see that are in the wrong category.

  • @Jitnaught But how that happend? Are you guys rushing? I haven't see this so often when Rappo (A person in alone) was approving mods

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman No, I'm not rushing, and I don't think anyone else is. Like I said, sometimes we just don't see it.

  • I've got a few of those errors trying to join via mobile, not all to much thought

    I feel like it may be a good idea to set a bar minimum with certain mods;
    i.e: Vehicle Mods: Actually Working, Windows see through, doors function, (lights?) paintable etc. All the basic stuff.
    i.e: Graphic Mods: Clear install instructions and clear pictures of what they look like

    You get the idea

    (can we also just get rid of these horrible menyoo disasters please. At least the terrible 5minute merge crap together stuff)

  • @TGIJ If you reqire all the basic stuff, then 90% of all car mods won't be approved because burn area which the most don't have but is the first step of the known Zmodeler tutorial. Also basic stuff like dirt mapping, would prevent a lot. The mods should have door functional, converted materials, and like you say windows. But also it should be driveable. But more important on that is also a clear description, on how to install, who made and such. Plus full pictures! Some people here don't upload any screenshot or they make 3 exterior pics of a car, but interior? And missing description about features.

  • Since its an on-going theme on this thread... why the hell was this stolen shit accepted? @Global-Moderators


    Report and move on. Provide additional proof so it's gone faster.

    Also activate Windows.

    Might be a good idea to implement some sort of fraud-checking on various levels, probably just hashing the file contents and flagging whichever files happen to be duplicates should help a lot. Impossible to check the contents of .rpf files though, but things help.

  • @ikt I have that activator but I'm lazy so I don't want to activate it :(

  • @ikt Good idea, and also a file check for paint jobs. So no mod that is getting to paint jobs should contain YFT, YDR, or Dll files!

  • @ikt Wouldn't help in this case because he reuploaded the first version of the mod, when the original mod is now at version 1.2. Maybe old hashes could be kept for each version of the file uploaded (even if the old version is removed)?

    @AHK1221 I removed the mods (and a few others by him) and banned him.

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