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A few suggestions for gta5-mods.com... :)

  • @AHK1221 Um, I compared that one and the only other S63 and they're different. Different Poly amount and other wheels

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman By basic stuff, I meant stuff that pretty much comes with any car, so like windows and functionality! I also agree with descriptions so much, you get ones where its like 4 words and enjoy, and then the people who clearly put work in the descriptions. A minimum should be something with; Installation Location, MODEL CREDITS, any other credits, any additional features to any mods. Maybe anything else anyone can think off. Just suggestions :P

    As for a way for detecting any re-uploads, something that will at least slow it down etc would be super nice. Saves us reporting them all the time lol

  • @Kwebbl What about interior?

  • @Kwebbl Also, the rims/wheels were changed in an update for the other S63. So....


    It's very clear that we are transitioning from a site that was run, maintained and managed by one person to a site that is maintained more by the community, for the community. If you see something wrong or something that's not meant to be where it currently is then please report it and the moderation team will get around to it quickly. If you complain, but don't report, you're a part of the problem here and not a part of the solution.

    It's important to understand that, even if Rappo was still the sole maintainer of the site now, he too (by his own words) would have also transitioned to a more community centric run site. One of the main reasons he left when he did was because he was spending 4 hours of his day, every day, running this site on top of a full-time job and trying to improve his personal life. He couldn't take a holiday. He couldn't start a family. He couldn't have much of a social life. It was completely untenable for him.

    Everyone knows Rappo made a great site, but he sacrificed A LOT to keep the site this way. He absolutely did a great job here, and now it's important to delegate the work he did amongst the community rather than simply expecting one person to do it all for you. This is a site built around a community, and now it's up to the community to ensure it sticks to the high ordeals that Rappo ran it to.

    So by all means if you have suggestions or want to talk constructively about areas of improvement for the site then please, go ahead. But try and keep the childish "RIP 5Mods" stuff out of here, because it helps absolutely no one.


    @AHK1221 I've seen that mod too and don't know who approved it, but it had a poor description and the users reputation is not the best, as he already stolen another file in the past. It happened when I was sleeping, so I couldn't reject in time :(

    @MrGTAmodsgerman Most of the screenshots you've uploaded on IMGUR are relatively old, I remember such uploads. Sadly I don't know who approved them, but he (whoever he is) should clearly take a better look at the details of the uploads. Some time ago I did a tutorial for Moderators with tips to follow before approving mods (can't be visible for normal users, so I won't show it), but probably any of them didn't read it.

    Such uploads could be easily rejected before approving if all of them read it. There are some obvious reasons to consider:

    1.- New accounts without activity and/or created the same or the closest days as the uploaded file.
    2.- Poor descriptions/pictures, no tags/information about the models original author or any relevant content.
    3.- Bad titles and wrong uploads, like PNG files (it happened a lot) or EXE files without being uploaded by a trusted user through a ZIP/RAR file.
    4.- People who've uploaded stolen files in the past and weren't banned for some reason (sadly elcreador is in the list...).

  • @Reyser Just invite all moderators into a meeting and clear up those issues. Show them your tutorial and discuss them about it. Thats the best way to make sure everyone is doing it with the known rules. Otherwise they should get warned.


    @MrGTAmodsgerman I had an idea for a better way to achieve the same and being more effective, thanks for the suggestion :D

  • @Dark0ne

    So by all means if you have suggestions or want to talk constructively about areas of improvement for the site then please, go ahead. But try and keep the childish "RIP 5Mods" stuff out of here, because it helps absolutely no one.

    Yea, i did a lot of suggestions, i reactivate old suggestions from me to bring it to the new moderators and admins. I tag all you, but no answer from your team itself? A simple answer like, "We plan to do it future" or something would more help us users then a simple no answer.
    And i can't understand how people can approve a 3D Model upload. It stucks in approvial, and waiting for to get approved by a real person, not a bot. So how the hell could that be possible? If one of you are tired, then its better to inform other moderators to continue, or just simply don't approve. This is better then the current way. This is the internet, a lot of people going to start to make copies of files that are clearly not allowed here.

    For me its seems to be a pretty bad taste of team work under the team here.

    I don't see any progress of the site if i see so often wrong files, and the own suggestions get ignored for some reason. That feels like the site is dead. Please, open the free contact of future progress. Communicate with us, we don't want to get ignored. We want to make this site great.

    Take your team, make a intervention with ur team, and reply always to suggestions and tell us what your team think about it.


    On the site suggestions front, as I've mentioned elsewhere, we're not doing any coding work or making any changes to the code over the next few months. Partly because we changed a lot in a short space of time and people weren't enjoying seeing so many changes so quickly, and partly because the coders are busy working elsewhere right now. Any suggestions I get that require coding are noted and saved ready for a time when we can actually do something about them. I'm happy to discuss those with you and others closer to the time :)

    In terms of moderation, one of the best things people can do right now is report things they see that are wrong. Not only can the team action reports quickly, but if we get a lot of reports then that's indicative of a wider issue that we need to address in the approval process itself and the moderators ultimately actioning items for approval. But none of this is possible if people don't report or don't think it's "their job".

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    @65536 I had already given one of those suggestions before.

    See here:

  • @Krazy I know this but I suggested this as well in my thread because appears your thread sink down completely ignored since it got NO replies at all, man...

    But appears admins aren't going to change anything for now (check what @Dark0ne was posted a bit above)...


    @65536 Thank you for include my suggestion in your thread, at least now was seen by the admin.

    I already checked above.

  • @administrators @Dark0ne Admins, please tell us if you want to make those suggestions! Make a new forum section where suggestions get moved to a approved state. And there it will be locked. A comment get left under the suggestions that your team plan to do this in the future. At the end, we got a section that is workling like a ToDo list. And all other people can prevent double,tripple or more post of the same suggestions!

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