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Police mods

  • Hi guys,

    As many people without backup, I had to reinstall all mods after the last update.

    Here is the config I always use when playing GTA 5 :

    OpenIV modifications:

    • Realistic driving
    • Faster AI
    • Violence overhaul from Zippo (without LUA options)
    • Improved led + realistic radiance + carols improved
    • Pistol, AK, Carabin rifle modified (replacement files)
    • World of Variety
    • Total cop overhaul
    • LS traffic

    Scripts :

    • Dangerous Individual
    • RobFleeca
    • Benny's garage
    • Online events

    Before the update, the game was working very fine without any freezes or crashes.
    But after I reinstalled all by checking carefully all updates needed (Scripthook, ScripthookVDotNet and some mods) I got crashes when playing story missions, even the corrupt files error (no more after rebooting the game).

    And no error in the log o_0
    I will copy the log here later

    I tried with several saves and only the one I tested the mods is working (save at 61%, story finished). So I keep playing with this save with no problem until now, as long as I don't play story missions.
    I will try to build a mission tonight and test to see if it's fine (I hope so).

    But someone got the same problem or has an idea of the cause ?
    Before the update, it was the same config and worked so fine. So I guess that the new update change something and makes the game less stable for modding?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback!

  • @FryTHF try a new gameconfig. most peoples gameconfigs for 1103 update dont work well or at all. the gameconfig may or may not be the cause of the problem but try mine to see if it helps.


  • @Willief23
    Thank you bro for your help.

    I'm currently using the gameconfig of LS Traffic which was updated... So I'm not sure it will solve my issue but I will try it anyway!
    For info, I have no add-on cars installed, only a Buffalo police car and FBI replacement by the Dodge Charger.

    Thank you again for your support, I will try your gameconfig tonight and keep the post updated.

    Just for my info, how is the traffic flow in your gameconfig?

  • @FryTHF i didnt add anymore cars into traffic. I have increased the peds around town but only by 10 or 15.

  • @Willief23
    Yo bro! So it worked a bit but then I got the same problem when loading an another save...
    So I came back to my previous save and same thing happened.

    That's really weird. When I'm in game and I press pause to get the menu, the is a infinite loading icon. The same if I try to save and after few minutes, the game freezes.
    Same thing happens when I launch a new game, it freezes (or corrupted files error appears) during the intro mission, just before to reach the train by car.

    I will try another gameconfig later.

  • @FryTHF you have corrupt data somewhere. try to reinstall the newest update.rpf file again into your mods folder and put all your mods back into that one.

  • @Willief23
    Ok thanks for your reply. I will try that, again... ^^

    I will make a post in the forum just to know if someone got the same problem (because I don't get the corrupted files error every time). Maybe I could get an explanation.

    Thank you for your support, really appreciated.
    Have a nice day bro

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