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[SCRIPT] thunderstorm lighting strike

  • Hello all

    ive got a request about the thunderstorm weather when there is a thunderstorm in game

    is it posible to make a mod/script like if there is a thunderstorm that u or random pets animals airplains etc can b hitten bij a ligthing strike?

    • player if got hitten there is a chance u will set on fire and maybe the same reaction when u got stunned also a chance when u are hitten instance wasted

    • pets/animals same like above

    • more chance to get hitten in open field

    • airplaine/car all vehicles engine will turn off when got hitten

    • lighting strike have also a chance to not hit u but other objects in front behind or side

    maybe i do forgot something but this is it like now it will be nice if some1 can make this and it will fit the tornado script

  • @InYourFace i agree with you here that would be awesome to have this in game it would increase the immersion unlike the vanilla weather where you see lightning but they don't strike vehicles or peds and you if i knew how to script i would not hesitate to make it but i have no clue how to script.

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