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I was away 2 months, now GTA 5 crash, what have I missed?

  • Hello everyone
    I have been away from the PC 2 months for work, today I turned on the PC and started GTA 5, I can click Story, and after a while crash.

    I have updated everything I can, scripthook, community Scripthook, Menyoo, open IV, etc, but continues to crash.

    This is a copy of GTA that I use only to create maps and missions, are installed few mods: Map Editor, build a mission, anchor, Threemanarmy, speedometer and some else.

    It is installed on Win 7

    What am I missing?

  • Hi,

    Remove all of your mods and place them one by one in your GTA V folder, not all at the same time.
    Run the game and see exactly where it crashes, if it happens to be right after the last mod you've moved into GTA V's folder, then you know at least the origin.



  • I removed everything and reinstalled one by one, now it seems to work all...
    At some point at startup he downloaded a piece of update, maybe the mods interfered with the update of GTA 5???


  • @alebal
    I have same problem bro
    I was playing well 2 months ago
    But now it isn't working.

    Ah yes I can play but Error code 107 on going randomly.
    Especially in Heist

  • Now it almost seems to work, I see no longer the crash error of GTA 5, but after a while my 2 screens become black do not understand whether Windows crashes or if it continues to work and only turn off the screens.
    The only safe thing is that I have to reboot... it does 5-6 times, then GTA starts and everything works for hours.
    Any help???


    Sounds like your PC has stability problems. To really rule out GTA V itself being borked, remove all mods (restore original files using Steam's verify, idk if the R* version also has that) and disable the asi loader. (dinput8.dll) This should load up the original game. If it still crashes, try updating the GPU drivers and any other pending updates.

    Do you have any overclocks going on?

  • I think I have a temperature problem...
    here it is very hot and very humid, and the temperature of my video card gets to 100-105 °C..
    maybe I buy a couple of new fans... ;)


    Dusting out your PC can help a lot, especially if your case doesn't have dust filters. The computer/GPU behaving like that at 100°C+ is normal :p

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