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Transfer the GTA5-Mods.com translation project from OneSky to Crowdin


    All languages to which the site has been translated are available in it.

    In Crowdin the project can be set to:

    • Public project
      Visible for everyone. You can restrict access to the languages after project is created.

    • Private project
      Hidden from everyone except translators you’ve invited.

    You can also add managers for each language.

    Get more information about it here:

    Visit the site here:


    This looks like it might be a viable alternative. We're very busy right now but we'll review how feasible it is to integrate it into the current site at some point "soon" and let you know. Thanks for this!


    Unfortunately because all these translation sites use different file formats we'd have to recode a part of the site to be able to accommodate this new service. We'll look at the translation service soon and see what can be done.

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