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Radio metadata?

  • I'm modding the regular radio stations, and I want the radio HUD to say the new song and artist names. But scouring through the files rewards me with nothing. Does anyone know where the string values for the radio are located?

  • @JDOD420
    There is a file called "TrackID.gxt2"
    It contains all the Artist Names and Song Names.

    I modded my Radio too and used this file to show the correct new Names.
    Export the File with OpenIV and you can edit it with any Texteditor/Notepad etc..

    Depending on your Game Language it is in a different Location, so be sure to edit the correct one.
    For US English it is "american_rel.rpf"
    All Language RPF are in "mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/lang/Your_Language_rel.rpf/ ..."
    [ replace Your_Language with the language you are using.. American/Chinese/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Mexican/Polish/Russian/Spanish ]

    Also a little Tip for replacing Songs. Be sure that they are the same length as the original ones or it may glitch a little sometimes where 2 songs are "mashed" together at the end/beginning (depending on what song and what radio station)
    It also can happen that the DJ talk (or advertising) starts too soon at the end of the song (if the replace-track is longer than the original one)

  • @Sabrina2001 Thank you so much!

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