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Multi files

  • Hi was gona change mesa3 today why did i find it 4 places under patchday1 patchday2 patchday3 and x64e

    and the file only got changed in game under patchday3

  • @Agent009 x64e contains the files that Rockstar Games shipped with the original version of the game, and the other patch* folders were used to overwrite the original files with fixed/updated versions. Either Rockstar notices a bug with a certain vehicle or they want to modify it in some way, maybe enable new tuning parts when a game update comes out. Since the car is being loaded from the latest patch* folder in-game, that's the only one that matters when replacing with a modded version.

  • @rappo OK thanks so i can delete other files

  • @Agent009 No need to delete them, you can just leave them alone :slight_smile:

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