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Vehicles + Menyoo, invalid model and disapear 00

  • I don't know why , but when i use spawn entity vehicles in editor, my vehicles disapear, all vehicles of all maps disapear 00 (my maps USCG or carrier with or without addon), in entity, it said invalid

    Can you Help me?? and to find a answer

    Maybe i mistake something, i don't know

    I forget something : The DDG works on the sea (without cannon of course) but the bug come just on specific places

  • @Voltrock does this only happen with menyo did you try a different trainer?

  • @FoxtrotDelta every trainer, it s just on limite places and after a little time (actually, it works lol), maybe during 5 min, all vehicles ll disapear

    Little information, normal spawn on carrier disapear too (cargobob, lazer)
    I need to go very far away and to come back to work again

    PS : i arrived to landing a lazer with task sequence on carrier :)
    alt text

    Futur map (with DDG just to test everything) and u see the fighter land on carrier
    alt text

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