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[SCRIPT] throttle control for aircrafts

  • i don't know why anyone hasn't done this before as aircrafts are controlled by throttles you don't hold a button constantly you pull a lever, so i want a script where you hold w for like 2 seconds to get up to like 2% speed then you hold further to increase thrust, in air you don't have to hold w constantly it's always flying in the same speed until you hold s to decrease throttle.

  • @zzcool I think you want this? : https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/smooth-throttle

    Just tell me if that is what you want and if it works with aircrafts (what it should haha) ;)

  • @Kryo4lex yes exactly, and i love your supersonic mod, originally i came up with the trottle idea just to have supersonic speed, the idea was to have an insane speed value in handling that throws the plane to hyperspeed instantly, i did this on a handling like, but then have a script control the speed until you increase throttle.

  • @zzcool if you use both mods simultaneously, you can combine their features. Glad you like it and thanks ;)

  • @Kryo4lex i'd suggest combining the supersonic mod with the throttle mod and call it realistic aircrafts, this could also force the plane hud in first person, i use a mod to remove any hud but it also sadly removed the hud in first person which is wrong.

  • @zzcool well, combing and uploading them is quite pointless IMHO, because it should be modular. Ok, then I would suggest, that you check out my Jet Hud mod and play around with the RGBA values

  • @Kryo4lex well i only want it to work in first person, it's not realistic with floating menus in third person.

  • @Kryo4lex would also be nice if you added an option to stop the camera from following the plane so if you turn it upside down the camera won't be upside down, you know like san andreas.

  • @zzcool that is a good point. I imagine it as helmet integrated HUD. If you want, I can do script, where you can modular toggle all display infos - which in the end results in the effect you desire.

    That is a nice idea and a great idea for my next mod ;)

  • @Kryo4lex yeah thats what i mean, i hate having menus or dialogs for mods i turn all that off, i want things to be immersive i don't want a button to activate a mod, like for buying cars i want to go to a location not just open a menu, i don't want text to pop up if fuel is empty for my car then i will notice it like in real life not have floating text tell me, and yes huds are realistic inside helmets so i want that in the helmet but not outside, and again i prefer when mods have no menus, like your selective fire mod, i want just a button to press no text showing what mode you're in, press e change weapon fire mode simple no menu, theres so many mods for realism i want like volume control for the radio for example, muffling of the engine when the radio is playing in first person, i don't want to hear the engine if the radio is on full volume, i play my game with a low engine sound and high radio sound to simulate this but i prefer a script, as in real life you can barely hear the engine when you have the stereo on, like i even had an idea for transmission mod where you have to put the car in R to reverse using w.

  • @zzcool for the selective fire text, you can turn it off by changing the notification type to none!

  • @zzcool and this is maybe what you are looking for?


  • @Kryo4lex yes but scriptform

  • @Kryo4lex i also suggest for your super sonic mod to force the plane on the ground until a certain distance, it's ridiculous how fast you can lift from the ground, i'd also like a first level of speed settings so you can adjust acceleration from standing still.

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