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Ada Wong WIP (70ish%) - Need Help With Material/Texture Setup/Naming Conventions

  • Hello GTA Modding Community,

    As the title reads I'm having problems with either Materials/Textures or Model Settings (I don't know if its either or both) on this Ada Wong port I've been working on.

    So far over the week I've managed to learn a bit about Ped modding and I've managed to rig the model and get it in game with parts of it working.

    In Game Screen
    alt text

    All that's missing is the hands, hair and eyes/mouth. So far I've performed some tests and it seems to be an issue with the naming convention for textures. And maybe everything else. As far as I know it goes something like this:

    "[Body Part][Map Type][Body Part Variation Number][Texture Variation (a,b,etc)][Skin Colour?]"

    Although I really have no clue what it means. But by looking at what ZMod and Openiv show the material assignment is correct. (That's what I had thought)

    ZMod Screen
    alt text

    Openiv Screen
    alt text

    But a few tests have led me to believe that the filenames dictate what textures grabbed from the .ytd file. It seems that GTA doesn't like the filenames I'm using.

    Honestly I've been stuck on this for a few days trying different things and I'd appreciate any help or insight into what might be causing the problem.



    Can't help but can tell you this is the one ped I'm wishing for since ages!

    @AHK1221 :)

  • @KebesTheMighty I can't say much, but can you show me your materials editor? in ZM?

  • @ReNNie No worries! After enjoying the other Resident Evil mods here I thought I'd try giving back to the community with this one (possibly a few more if I figure out the secrets of GTAV Ped modding).

    @AHK1221 Here's the Materials window in ZMod

    alt text

    Might it have something to do with the "Adapt" setting I chose? Well the names of the materials are the same names for the diffuse textures. I'm still confused as to how filenames affect the final output but I'm interested to hear any thoughts you might have on them.

    I'll be able to do some more tests in after lunch (It's 7am and I just woke up).

  • Success!

    alt text

    I managed to get all the model parts in game and using the correct textures. All that's left is to fix

    • some weighting issues with her eyes

    • adjust her feet so they don't clip.

    • material settings

    What I ended up doing was restarting from scratch and pretty much following this tutorial to the letter:

    I was following it a few days back when my trial license for ZModeler thought it expired (12 days early). Logged in and fixed some platform thing and got it working again. So I came back to it and realised that the guy basically replaces only the .mesh files and the textures. He doesn't mess with the filenames. Combining this with the understanding I have gained from the past 2 days testing it seemed obvious what the problem was.


    @KebesTheMighty said in Ada Wong WIP (70ish%) - Need Help With Material/Texture Setup/Naming Conventions:

    adjust her feet so they don't clip.

    If you mean the feet clip trhough the ground, you can edit that perhaps in the peds.meta too: https://pastebin.com/xxZ8P7aL

  • @ReNNie That seems like a bit more work on the scripting side, not my favourite area haha. I'll upload the mod as it is right now and update it if I could be bothered. I think its playable right now.

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