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[VEHICLE] Bmw e46 m3 CSL

  • Hello fam! Im a fan of the e46 serie. Im a owner of late 2003 e46 coupe. One day i will buy the e46 m3 BUT the m3 have actually a bigger brother with name e46 m3 CSL edition. Altight guys back to the question.

    I wonder if some or someone can make a e46 m3 with some good HQ texture and some nice tuning like the csl front bumper, the csl wing (tailgate), the csl rims and some lips. Yes you get the point, i will pay the creater if you do a good job!

    Take the BMW F82 M4 mod by @KAMELKFB, he have added like 135 tuning parts. Thats cool, can you imagine if you do like the same for the e46 m3?

    alt text

    Thanks, MrM - Sweden

  • @Mickiiiz Hi. I've sent you a PM.

  • wish for the csl version too

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