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Bought GTA V can not wait to get started!

  • So I have GTA V and I have a 4k System using a Titan X 12gb graphics card.

    I wish to set the game up for highest setting possible with 4k :)

    I have downloaded about 100 mods from cars to clothing and scripts but I am not sure what to do next

    Currently the game is installing from R* and I am waiting - so it will be the latest version.

    I have some .dll files some .asi some mod files for openiv

    Should I start with 1 or 2 mods first?

    Any advice?

  • @dannythezuko install mods 1 by 1 that way it'll be easier to remove if it casues any issues. I have trouble figuring out which is the cause of the problem after I install 5-10 mods at a time


    yup, one at a time

    first Enhanced Native Trainer by sjaak327 and the required mod files (OpenIV.asi, Scripthook and ScripthookV)
    then VisualV or another graphic enhancement you like (QuantV eg)
    after that some scripts from jedijosh, Eddlm, ikt, Leec2202, Camxxcore, IamNotMental and ofc Unknown_Modder
    and I can advise using 2x Longer Days (Customizable) [.NET Mod] v2.1 by LCBuffalo.. love that
    if that all runs you can start adding desired add-on cars (and pimp up your gameconfig.xml to facilitate all those extra's)
    and texture replacements (if you like)

  • Whats the deal with gameconfig... what does it do and why would I need to edit it?

  • @ReNNie said in Bought GTA V can not wait to get started!:


    I can see scripthook V but not scripthook???

  • @dannythezuko That's what he means :slight_smile:


    @dannythezuko yup one mod at a time then test it for at least 15-30 mins in case a mod cause crashing you can remove it

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