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Pending approval

  • Hello there

    I just uploaded my first car mod, and it's pending approval XD
    My request is not about approving it fast or slow
    But it's a request about the thumbnail

    I thought I could choose the thumbnail by myself but it seems like I can't do it, so I posted this now
    The thumbnail I want to use is a photo that I've uploaded with my mod
    and here it is again :

    alt text

    Now, to any moderator who see's this!! Kindly choose it as the thumbnail
    Thumbnail meaning : A very small or concise description, representation, summary or photo.

    Thanks in advance ;)


    It is the thumbnail, at least for me.

  • @Unknown-Modder

    You have good taste :sunglasses:

  • @Meedo if you uploaded it like a few hours ago. sometimes it takes upto 8 hours for a mod approval. more if moderators are busy but thanks for creating the topic. moderation will take a look into it. :slight_smile: it would help if you left a link to the mod itself. the url.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    It's ok
    Probably my mod is the fastest mod with approval :P
    I just wanted to make sure that thumbnail is ok, somebody approved my mod and corrected the thumbnail as well :D
    Cheers everybody :)

  • @Meedo Thanks to the moderation team :)

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