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Realistic Shootouts Enhanced 0.9 [GTAV WEAPON SOUND MOD] [WIP]

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    Hi. I'm creating a more realistic and better sound mod for the game to get a greater immersion during the shootouts in Los Santos. I've extracted sounds from gunshots from games like Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and Gun 3 plus I've extracted sounds from distant shots of movies like Heat (1995).

    The objective of my mod is to obtain the sound immersion of the scene of the robbery of the bank and shootout with the LA police that appears in the film Heat (1995). I attach the video of this scene which is a work of art of the cinema:

    Even I do not finish 100% and I have decided to publish my progress so that I receive feedback from people who want to try it so I can add or correct things.

    Currently I have problems with 3 weapons whose sounds do not work correctly, but I am working to correct that problem. The weapons are as follows:

    -AK Assault Rifle
    -Dueling Gun

    Here a video of the progress of my mod:

  • Awesome! Happy to see someone working on this concept.

    Will you add other immersion sounds like that metallic bounce from the bullets that we can hear at 4:26 on the first video?

    I can't provide much feedback as I don't know anything about guns. I love the sounds on both videos though. They're awesome!

    This mod reminds me that I wanted to create a mod to have realistic gunplay, as in, range, damage, etc. I may have found the inspiration to start developing it.

  • @MvcGyver Congratulation you have done one good work continue so .

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