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55mb update just crashed my install :(

  • So I installed the game JUST an hour ago, latest version all updates... Did some mods, ran the game fine, then closed down to install more and when I logged in and launched it said "downloading 55mb..." "checking file integrity" then game crashed "gta could not load" are you telling me then released an update within the hour? lol

    IF that is true I have bad luck!

    How do I block the game from updating? And was it actually an update? Shall I remove everything and start again?


    @dannythezuko you are using mods folder right?

  • It crashed your install, because you have to update the update folder in your mods folder. deep. lol I know it's tedious, but that's unofficial modding for ya.

  • @krashadam Ragh! When you mean update do you mean replace my update file with the new one? then reedit it?


    Yes, you need to have the latest update.rpf in mods/update/. Just copy it over from update/update.rpf.

    I highly recommend using the mods folder if you haven't yet, and just to use add-on mods for vehicles, and keep mods that change update.rpf to a minimum. This way you can update your mods after a game update reasonably painlessly.

  • @ikt @dannythezuko

    This also works:

    Load OpenIV, go to the updates folder, into update.rpf. Find the dlc in dlcpacks, then EXTRACT the new dlc.rpf to anywhere you can find it, as long as it is outside all other RPFs.

    Then go back into OpenIV, go to the dlcpacks folder (the one in your mods folder), then create a new folder, named exactly the same name as the original DLC.

    Then click Import, add the new dlc.rpf into the folder you just created, then go outside the dlcpacks folder, to the update folder.

    In one of the folders within the update folder, is a folder that holds a file called dlclist.xml.

    Go to the bottom of the code in Text Editing mode. Make sure your typing icon is at the end of the last </Item> line. Press enter on your keyboard to create a new line

    Write this:


    nameofmodanddlc is replaced by (in this case) the name of the new dlc.

    Hopefully this did it.

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