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Scripthook sdk over 500 compile errors

  • Hello i messed around a Little with scripthook sdk redesigned added Features and fixed them but as i try to compile i get over 500 compile Errors (like eno.h cant be found) what to do?


    Uh, you might want to start out with a simple hello world program in basic C++, or follow the steps in this excellent book first, to get a grip on programming.

    Also apparently you haven't figured out how to make screenshots, so I don't think your worries about menus are relevant yet. Please try getting a basic understanding of programming first. Compiling your first program, etc.

    About these 500 compile errors - no idea what those are if you don't include an overview or screenshot :p The IDE should be pointing out erroneous things in the code already, but the ScriptHookV trainer example should compile right away...

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