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Peds entering vehicles?

  • Hey,

    I have hit a bit of a brick wall with the Quinjet project.. so far this is the only problem stopping for me releasing the latest build.

    My issue:
    I can spawn bodyguards/peds to follow me no problem, of course when I enter Quinjet, one bodyguard will spawn in passenger seat up front next to me.. great.

    The other 2-3 peds will constantly run around the Quinjet until they reach the right wing... then proceed to run in circles..

    I'm assuming they're trying to reach/find I.E door_pside_r etc though no matter where i put the node location, they result is the same.. I have even tried placing the door node in the exact same area the peds keep circling.. same result :(

    Would really appreciate a solution to this problem, any advice is greatly appreciated!


    I can post pics of the Quinjet in her nude form and glory (zmodeler) if needed.

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